Newborn Sleeping Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide for Parents

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Welcoming a child to this world means signing up for months of sleepless nights! It’s going to be taxing, exhausting, and severely distressing. At the same time, you’re in for one of the most beautiful rides of your life—full of [...]

How to Prepare for Your Newborn’s First Pediatric Visit

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Changing your newborn’s diaper, lulling them to sleep, and feeding them isn’t enough to qualify as a caring parent. Some countless more responsibilities and duties come with it. You need to monitor your child’s development milestones and assist in those [...]

Well-Child Visits During the Pandemic: All You Need to Know

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Just because there’s a pandemic going on doesn’t mean your little one can afford to miss out on their well-child visits. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, well-child visits and immunization must go on as per schedule. Here’s all [...]

Finding the Right Healthcare Practice for your Newborn Baby

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Many parents start their search for the right pediatric services a few weeks before the baby is due. However, choosing a healthcare practice is difficult, and you should ideally have settled on one during your pregnancy. Once your child is [...]

Breastfeeding vs. Formula for Newborns—What’s The Better Choice?

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For newborns and slightly older infants, their primary source of sustenance is milk. It's what is safe and digestible to them, which is why they must receive a safe and filling quantity throughout the day. Infants grow very rapidly, as [...]

6 Things Expecting Mothers Need to Know About Childbirth During the Pandemic

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The CDC estimates that there are over 3 million live births a year in the U.S., which means hundreds of thousands, if not millions of women across the country are either pregnant, have just given birth or are close to [...]