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Skin Allergy: Symptoms, Causes and Recommended Treatments

By |2021-11-30T16:18:11+00:00November 24th, 2021|Uncategorized|

Every time your skin comes into contact with an allergen, it sends several antibodies to fight it. In this fight, your skin develops rashes as collateral damage, and that's how you develop a skin allergy. It’s estimated that 9.2 million [...]

The Impact of Breastfeeding on Infants and Mothers

By |2021-11-02T12:30:56+00:00October 25th, 2021|Uncategorized|

Breastfeeding is one of the most efficient and practical ways a mother can ensure good health and survival for her child. Most doctors recommend that mothers breastfeed their children, and 44% of infants are exclusively only fed breastmilk. However, breastfeeding is [...]

COVID-19 Vaccination For Kids: The Delta Variant Is Coming For Children Too

By |2021-10-04T09:55:48+00:00September 27th, 2021|Uncategorized|

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered almost every aspect of our lives since early 2020. Although there were little to no COVID-19 cases found amongst children during the initial waves, the new COVID-19 variant has affected children and adults alike. Even [...]

Why Are Vaccinations Important For Your Newborns

By |2021-09-11T09:30:59+00:00July 21st, 2021|Uncategorized|

Vaccinations are essential for every newborn as they create immunity against diseases. Starting right from the first month after birth, all parents in the U.S need to follow a schedule issued by the CDC to vaccinate their children at the appropriate time. [...]

How to Prepare for Your Newborn’s First Pediatric Visit

By |2021-09-11T09:42:50+00:00July 16th, 2020|Uncategorized|

Changing your newborn’s diaper, lulling them to sleep, and feeding them isn’t enough to qualify as a caring parent. Some countless more responsibilities and duties come with it. You need to monitor your child’s development milestones and assist in those [...]